Ejot & Avdel solves the assembly industry’s problem

Ejot & Avdel are launching two totally new concepts during Elmia Subcontractor – Ejoweld and Ejot FDS. Thee two technologies solve the assembly industry’s problem of joining lightweight and hard materials to each other.

“These technologies are excellent for both the automotive industry and the general manufacturing industry,” says Gunnar Nygren, sales engineer at Ejot & Avdel.

The trend in the automotive and manufacturing industries is increasingly towards lightweight constructions. This creates challenges for assemblers because it is difficult to join steel, aluminium and composites to each other in a safe and production-efficient process.

Ejot FDS and Ejoweld are Ejot & Avdel’s answers to this problem.
“The advantage is that we can use materials with very high strength, up to 1,800 megapascals for Ejoweld, together with high operational safety and a controlled process,” Nygren explains.

Ejot FDS is a flow drilling screw system that joins materials without having to pre-punch any pilot holes. The system is also used when it is impossible to access the components from both sides. Ejoweld is based on friction welding and can join differing materials with high strength.

Both concepts are designed to suit automation and make it possible to join everything from plastic to extremely hard grades of steel.
“There’s no time to stand there with nuts and bolts – things have to be automated,” Nygren says.

The launch of Ejot & Avdel’s new concepts is clearly visible in their stand during Elmia Subcontractor. Ejoweld is presented in live demos and Ejot FDS is presented via a car body assembled using the concept.
“Elmia Subcontractor means a huge amount, especially when we are launching a global first such as Ejoweld,” Nygren says. “The fair is also good for meeting existing and new business partners.”

Gunnar Nygren på Ejot & Avdel framför nya konceptet Ejoweld.
Gunnar Nygren på Ejot & Avdel framför nya konceptet Ejoweld.