Discover your future at InnoDex

Subcontractor InnoDex has established itself as a real public magnet at the fair. Here visitors can see and touch innovations from around the world and listen to inspirational lectures during the entire week. 

At InnoDex visitors can access hundreds of innovations plus lectures and discussions that inspire ideas and show the future possibilities in design and product development. So far topics like tomorrow’s materials and 3D-printed silicons have attracted a large audience to the arena.

“A lot is happening in the development field and the industry right now, and we’ve brought a terrific mixture of them here,” says Tanja Lundberg, manager of Subcontractor InnoDex. “Together with our new interiors project, Interior Competence & Components, which is right beside the hall, we’ve created a venue I’m very pleased with.”


Paint that captures solar energy

The international exhibition Materials Revolution in the centre of the arena is a clear favourite of many visitors. This year 100 innovations from around the world are on show. One example is organic paint that captures solar energy.

“I’ve toured the exhibition a bit and my attention was caught by this solar cell coating – it seems like a real innovation. I want it right now – just buy a tin of it and start painting,” says Thomas Hellström, Area Manager Devex Mekatronik.


Innovation guru in attendance

Like many of the innovations at InnoDex, though, Dyscrete is still in the development stage. Dr. Sascha Peters of Haute Innovation, which is behind the exhibition, will be present all week to show people round and answer questions.

“We’re presenting ideas and possibilities for the future,” he says, and has difficulty singling out any one innovation as the hottest right now.

“It depends what you’re interested in. We’re showing lightweight products in super-strong or organic materials, foam with an integrated, 3D-printed skeleton, magnetic textiles and a lot more. People just have to come and see for themselves.”


Concrete 3D help

Subcontractor InnoDex is the venue for innovative start-ups with smart digital services and additive manufacturing. Visitors can also seize this opportunity to discuss ideas, possibilities and challenges with Swerea, which is on the spot.

“We’ve had many questions about 3D technology,” explains Sten Farre, Senior R&D Engineer Swerea Swecast. “Many people believe it will solve all their problems. But there are no standards for the technology yet, and to get the economics of it under control you have to look at the whole handling chain from start to finish. We can help with that.”

Diana Drewes and dr Sascha Peters, Haute Innovation
Diana Drewes and dr Sascha Peters, Haute Innovation