Castors with a unique design find a place at ICC

A company logo is no problem. Or a symbol for the department where the cart, table or bed belongs. At Elmia Subcontractor TENTE presents the endless possibilities that its Linea series offers the customer.

“Our solution with patterns on the castors is unique,” explains Linus Snis, who works with marketing at TENTE Skandinavien.

The Linea series from TENTE can be designed to meet customer needs.

This year TENTE can be seen in two places during Elmia Subcontractor. Partly at a stand where various mobility innovations are being presented, and partly in the new furniture venue Interior Competence & Components (ICC). TENTE’s main product at ICC is Linea – a double castor series in a synthetic material.

“What makes it unique is the ability to print patterns on the sides of the castors, for instance a marketing logo or contact information. Large department stores or hospitals can ‘code’ their carts on the castor sides, which is cheaper than having different colours on them,” Linus Snis explains.

Linea has been on the market for several years and been much appreciated by customers for its function and stability. Because the castors are made of a synthetic material, they are more flexible than those with metal housings and therefore handle impacts far better.

“We also manufacture our castors in Europe and they are tested to Din-EN standards,” Snis adds. “This is primarily a quality product – on top of that, customers can make it unique to them.”

This feature is not simply one of design. There is also a practical benefit to being able to mark the castors – it is easier to keep track of the carts without having to code them.

“In the furnishings industry it is unique to have an office chair whose seat cushion has the same pattern as the sides of the castors, or a TV stand with the same pattern as the wallpaper on the accent wall. Once you start to think of ideas you can go as far as you want. For example, we’ve just begun to test chromed sides,” Snis concludes.

The Linea series from TENTE can be designed to meet customer needs.
The Linea series from TENTE can be designed to meet customer needs.
Linus Snis, TENTE Skandinavien
Linus Snis, TENTE Skandinavien