CENTA presents three new products at Elmia Subcontractor

CENTA Transmission Sweden AB supplies four main industrial sectors: rail, general industry, marine and power generation. The company is very broad based in the fields of flexible couplings, complete transmission solutions and drive shafts.

“Currently we have some 25 series of couplings in different variations. The number of models we can offer is enormous,” says Krister Ryttberg, sales engineer at CENTA.

Här är de senaste nyheterna inom det breda sortiment av kopplingar som CENTA erbjuder.

CENTA manufactures and supplies flexible, torsionally elastic couplings and drive shafts. The axles are up to 25 metres and are made of steel or carbon fibre composite. The products are of key importance in a huge number of industries.

“As soon as a combustion engine is involved in an application, it enters our field of expertise. That’s where our main business is,” Ryttberg explains.

Couplings link two units together and transmit torque, for example when propelling a construction machine or a ship. The couplings must be able to handle movements, vibrations and deviations between the units.

“There are axial, parallel and angular deviations but also a fourth kind, torsional vibrations, and that is where we are particularly expert,” Rydberg says.

When a drive unit, for example a combustion engine, does not maintain a constant angular velocity, some kind of torsionally elastic coupling is necessary to safeguard the functioning of the entire drive shaft.

At Elmia Subcontractor CENTA’s entire product portfolio will be presented, including the three latest additions. CENTAFLEX-KF is intended for diesel-powered hydraulic pumps. Offering good value for money, this modern coupling is temperature resistant up to 120 degrees and is suitable for such vehicles as forklifts, forest machines and construction machines. CENTAX-K is also intended for diesel-powered hydrostatic drive, and, thanks to its flexibility, also for compressors and pumps. Finally, CENTAFLEX-BL is an extremely powerful coupling that can handle torques up to 176,000 Nm. This heavyweight model is suitable for rolling mills, mills, hydroelectric power plants and stone crushers.

“We know we have great breadth. That’s why we’re willing to take this step and exhibit at Elmia Subcontractor for the first time,” Krister Ryttberg concludes. 

The latest new products in the broad range of couplings offered by CENTA.
The latest new products in the broad range of couplings offered by CENTA.