Autoliv: “We’re always looking for new suppliers”

Autoliv is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of vehicle safety systems. Its vision is to continue growing, which also means that the company is constantly on the lookout for new suppliers.
“We like it when suppliers tell us what it is we need,” says Jesper Frykestig, purchasing manager at Autoliv Sweden AB.

Autoliv Sweden is best known for its vehicle safety systems. Previously the focus was on passive safety but now the company is focusing more on proactive safety products. One example would be an in-car surveillance camera that predicts and prevents a possible crash before it can happen. This focus on a new market segment also increases Autoliv’s need for new suppliers.

The auditorium was almost full when Jesper Frykestig came on the stage at Elmia Subcontractor. He said Autoliv has an open mind when it comes to finding new suppliers.
“We can’t say what the market will look like in five years’ time, so we can’t say which specific suppliers we’re looking for. But we’re happy for suppliers to take the initiative, to be assertive and suggest what solutions they believe might suit us.”

The company currently has about 140 series suppliers around the world, of which about a dozen attended the fair. Autoliv likes its suppliers to be involved from the start of a project, and to have them physically located close to the production site. The company has a “vision zero” (no fatalities or serious injuries in road traffic) on everything it delivers, and thereby places extremely high demands on its suppliers.
“It usually takes up to a year before we give a new supplier a significant project, partly because it takes that long before we establish mutual trust, and partly because we place extremely high safety demands on the products,” Frykestig explained.

What can a supplier expect after starting to work for Autoliv?
“We can almost guarantee large volumes. As a supplier you get to participate in a global market and to work with interesting products. And you save lives.”

Autoliv continues to grow and is always looking for new suppliers.
Autoliv continues to grow and is always looking for new suppliers.