An industry gathering with a focus on making deals

Sweden’s biggest industry event, Elmia Subcontractor, has again strengthened its position as the leading market place featuring new business deals and important discussions.

“We address the industry’s key issues of today, show tomorrow’s technical possibilities and understand the power of a handshake when doing deals,” says Karla Eklund, press relations officer for Elmia Subcontractor.

Elmia Subcontractor is always a reflection of the industry’s current development and state of health. The suppliers and visitors gathered at the fair provide a clear picture of the situation today and their mutual encounters create strong business opportunities. Despite any tremors in the world at large, the focus on the trade show floor was clearly aimed at business. Concrete projects were discussed and many deals were made at the exhibitors’ stands.

“We’ve gained a huge number of new contacts and hot prospects to follow up,” commented Daniel Petersson, CEO of Gårö Plåtprodukter. “And on Wednesday an existing customer came and said they’re bringing their production home from Asia and giving it to us. Fantastic news!”

“This is the big trade meeting place for the engineering industry in Sweden. Deals are made via personal contact, in a handshake of trust between two people,” said Martin Lidén, Vice President & Head of Car Purchasing, Volvo Car Group, in conjunction with his participation in the week’s panel discussion “Tomorrow’s purchasing, the engineering industry in Sweden”.


This year’s fair presented several new events and activities in order to place an extra-strong spotlight on the industry’s agenda and to build new platforms for development and doing business. Two of them were Subcontractor Direct – the news studio with two stages and a constant flow of discussions and debates – and Interior Competence & Components – a dedicated arena for suppliers of interiors. Both ventures were very successful, and, combined with the industry expertise in attendance, they made this fair a strong driver of development.

“Technology is developing exponentially right now, which means that networking, meeting others, and learning from each other are extremely important in strengthening Sweden’s manufacturing industry,” said Anders Lilja, Senior Director Manufacturing, Husqvarna Group.


Wednesday’s result of the American presidential election was an obvious topic of conversation both on the trade show floor and in analyses on stage.

“Many of the suppliers are highly dependant on the American market. But don’t rock the boat. Wait and see what policies he will have,” was the advice given to companies by Fredrik Sidahl, CEO of the Scandinavian Automotive Supplier Association (FKG).


All in all, the week underlined the fair’s role as the hub of the Swedish subcontracting industry more clearly than ever.

“I would like to thank everyone who participated and wish them good luck with their new business,” Karla Eklund concludes.


Voices from the fair:

“It’s exciting to see new products that are only possible to manufacture thanks to new technology. It will definitely inspire new solutions and drive development.”

Piet Bandell, Managing Director, Fiber Tec Europé BV, the Netherlands


“A large proportion of our current business comes from Elmia Subcontractor. That’s why we’re here again this year.”

Johan Bunse, Sales Manager, RUPF Industries Scandinavia


“Elmia Subcontractor is our biggest customer event of the year.”

Niclas Forsström, CEO, Fristad Plast


“I’ve attended many international matchmaking events and Subcontractor Connect is one of the best. It’s well arranged and well organised, with a very positive spirit after the meetings.”

Dan Svensson, Director Strategy & Special Projects, Senior Advisor Quality & Customer Satisfaction, Volvo Buses


“At Elmia we can present all our products and show we can do a variety of things. Exhibitors, customers, purchasers and project groups come together under one roof. In our view being here is a major business advantage. It’s just self-evident for us to be here.”

Lars Wester, key account manager, Horda Stans


“The fair has meant a huge amount to us because we’ve come into contact with the right people. 2015 was a gigantic success and we still haven’t had time to follow up all the leads that came in then.”

Jacob Clewåker, CEO, SAC Sweden


“We visit masses of fairs in Europe and I can confirm that Elmia Subcontractor maintains a very high standard. In Jönköping we get the chance to meet existing customers but also to connect with new ones. For us there’s large added value in returning to Elmia.”

Peter Schildtauer, COO, Lebo Production


“Elmia Subcontractor is a good foundation for meeting both new and existing customers.”

Jan Bäckström, sales and marketing manager, AnVa Polytech


“It’s positive that our suppliers have the opportunity to get together and discuss doing business. It’s noticeable at the fair that many companies are innovative and come with new ideas. Even if Volvo Cars doesn’t have its own stand, we place great value on being represented. I also believe there are many Volvo employees here in Jönköping this week.”

Axel Edh, environmental strategist, Volvo Cars


This year’s visitor figures: 13 023

For more information contact press relations officer Karla Eklund, tel. +46 (0)36-15 22 61