A packed innovation show

For the second year in a row the German innovation guru Dr Sascha Peters is presenting innovative materials and products from all corners of the earth at the Subcontractor InnoDex arena.
“The rumour about InnoDex seems to have spread among Swedish designers – many of them have come here especially for this,” comments a happy Dr Peters. 

All the products in Peters’ exhibition are international and many of them are being shown for the first time here at the fair.
“I’ve brought together innovations developed in such countries as the US, Germany, Belgium and France,” he says. “I want to give Swedish designers and product developers an opportunity to see innovations that have never been shown in Sweden before. And they seem to think it’s all very interesting.”

The product to have attracted the most visitor interest so far is called The Wooden eBike. This electric bicycle is built almost entirely of wood laminate. The frame and handlebars have been shaped, joined and finished in CNC machines. The battery, control unit and all cables are hidden inside the frame.
“Bicycles are something everyone can understand and relate to. Many people start here and then go on to discover other interesting products,” Peters says.

The exhibition includes biological energy panels made of moss, a 3D-printed porous rubber material that becomes soft and flexible when dipped in water, super-lightweight, laser-sintered aluminium developed together with Airbus, and 3D-printed furniture made of biodegradable polymer threads.
“There’s a lot of exciting stuff here. It’s really good inspiration that gives me many new ideas,” comments Shingo Mizuguchi of the Japanese company Fujipoly, a supplier of silicon components to the electronics industry.