Masters of acoustics

Horda Stans

Horda Stans are experts at capturing sound, in the most effective way possible.

“As a partner to our customers, we’re often one thought ahead in the development process,” says Tuija Johansson, Key Account Manager.

Sound, or rather noise. This is a challenge that’s increasing in significance when it comes to how competitive a product is, claims Tuija as she shows us around the many different products in production at the Horda plant. They are all components which the company develops for its customers in a range of industrial sectors.  

“We have sound all around us, and people are looking for quieter and quieter environments, whether they’re in a car, at home or in a public area.” 

Swipe card at Volvo

Tuija is a Key Account Manager and one of her customers is Volvo, which has been working with Horda Stans for many years. She is one of only a few subcontractors to have her own swipe card to the Volvo offices in Gothenburg, where she is based one day a week.

“Obviously our collaboration gains from having us in house. Our expertise and our products are always close at hand for all their development teams,” she says, stressing the benefit for the company’s other customers that Horda Stans works so closely alongside the major automotive players.

“We have well-established systems and working methods that are of very high quality, because Volvo requires it. And all our customers gain from that. It’s mutual benefit at its best!”

Specific expertise and broad experience

Horda Stans has been exhibiting at Elmia Subcontractor for many years. The company is a supplier of polymer components including acoustic solutions for customers in the furniture, heat pump and automotive sectors – widely varying industries that can still draw great benefit from each other thanks to the company’s expertise.

“The fact that we work in such diverse industries is a great strength for us and our customers alike. Our experience of developing, say, advanced moulded acoustic details for the furniture industry enables us to bring brand new competence into an automotive project, with thoughts and ideas that may never have occurred to them before,” Tuija explains.

“We know materials”

The factory in Horda, southern Sweden, includes a large materials warehouse from suppliers of raw materials around the world. This enables the company to quickly produce material samples or prototypes for customers. This is a great strength, but Tuija says that the main benefit lies in the heads of the employees.

“Our tremendous material know-how is undoubtedly the key to our success. Many of our employees have long experience, and we also make sure we are at the leading edge and keep up with the latest developments,” she says, explaining the major challenges that currently exist in the area of materials.

Focus on the environment

All industries, and automotive in particular, place high demands on natural materials. They should be eco-friendly, ideally recyclable, and also retain all the properties of the old materials.

“At the moment we’re looking at hemp, which has many environmental benefits. But obviously it’s not easy to replace a material just like that, more often than not it’s about finding a good composite,” says Tuija, expanding on some of the problems with new materials.

“For example their resistance to air humidity and different temperatures is key, and above all how well the various materials adhere to each other. Thankfully we’re very good at finding a solution in the production process,” she concludes. 

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