Subcontractor IoT Arena


Elmia Subcontractor is Sweden’s largest industry event that gathers the manufacturing industry’s experts under one and the same roof. With almost 1,200 exhibitors from some 30 countries, unique conditions are created for development and profitable business deals.

The trade fair is the year’s most important four-day event for you as a purchaser, product developer, designer and/or business leader. Developments in the manufacturing industry are happening faster than ever and it has never been more important to keep up to date so that you can face the competition from a position of strength. No longer is the situation “business as usual”.

The exhibition is divided into four theme areas:

Smart Home exhibits connected solutions for the intelligent home whereby various functions in the home are connected to a common network. 

Smart Mobility is the connection of things, animals or people who are on the move. At the same time, information is collected from their surroundings, such as movement patterns and position, to create useable services.

Wearables is about close-to-the-body technology that is worn by the user and simultaneously collects the body’s data and is connected to the Internet. One field with great potential is medicine.

Smart Components are products that are made “smarter” by collecting measurement data from their surroundings and thereby being able to make decisions based on actual conditions rather than hypotheses.

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Placed in Hall D