Subcontractor Direct

At Subcontractor Direct, the exhibition’s news studio and industry forum, around 50 interviews, panel discussion and hearings will cover the current topics and challenges of manufacturing industry. The programme is streamed live via YoutTube. A majority of the topics will be discussed in Swedish.

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Focus areas of Subcontractor Direct 2018:

  • Emerging Technology
    AI, AR/VR, 3D, and IoT are some of the dispritive technologies on the rise. They create both bew possibilities for manufacturing industry as well as challenges to adapt to. Autonomous drive and electrification are examples of new solutions becoming reality.

  • Digital transformation
    Digitization is nothing new, especially not for the manufacturing industry. The development in technology in IoT is now transforming entire processes and making them digital.  It is not only industry, but society, that stand before a digital transformation where collaboration is key to deal with change.

  • Smart supplier
    With global competition and fast-paced technical development the relationship between customer and supplier is becoming increasingly important. In certain areas of manufacturing industry the suppliers already represent as much as 75% of the products’ refinement. As a supplier it is important to offer the customer good value in the components and solutions – but also to be a smart choice in terms of innovation, creative solutions, flexibility and fitting in to the customers digital infrastructure.  

  • Global Outlook
    With digitalized supply chains and online trade platforms both possibilities and competition has become global. Recent development such as Brexit, free trade agreements under scrutiny and a new wave of protective trade policies makes the road to export increasingly tricky to navigate.

  • Business Unusual
    Technical development in the manufacturing industry is moving faster than ever. To stay up to date to remain competitive have never been more important. It is not longer “business as usual”.