Cases at IoT Arena 2018

Tronic WMS, the connected mixer that collects measurement data for optimisation FM Mattsson 

Ledosafe, connected emergency lighting Ledolight 

SmartCare, sensors collect data for a self-calibrating system that ensure the safety of seniors Doro 

Data from properties is compiled in the portal from Wexnet 

Fleet monitor, collecting data during goods shipments Yellowfish 

Minifinder, the world’s smallest GPS tracker Minifinder 

Indoor tracking of wheelchairs *

Connected technology in vehicles’ transparent surfaces CEVT 

App that combines positioning technology with the user’s input Södra 

Pill camera that replaces traditional endoscopy **

Wireless mini receiver for hearing aid provides noise reduction ** 

Coala Heart Monitor, monitoring heart function with real-time analysis Coala Life 

PDM, connected portable device to measure radiation doses **

Berlex R6/Berlex Connect, connected temporary traffic light Berlex 

Connected screw that transmits critical data Strainlabs **

Retrofit of older waterworks, IoT and AI Saxnäs hydroelectric power plant

Connected vines for optimising harvests *** 

*Presented by the supplier Atea

**Presented by the supplier ShortLink

*** Presented by the supplier Svep Design Center


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