Subcontractor IoT Arena: The knowledge and inspiration arena


What opportunities does the new technology offer? How are other companies working with IoT? Paying attention to the digital and connected aspects of a product is starting to be just as natural a part of product development as the choice of materials, design and engineering design.

With an inspiration exhibition at Subcontractor IoT Arena in Hall D, the fair wants to transform stress about the emerging connected technology into inspiration, by providing good examples of products and solutions on the market today – from a range of different industries. With the starting point of creating customer value, the arena presents examples of how IoT technology is creating opportunities at various levels – from improving process efficiency and creating added customer value to going the whole way and discovering a new business model.

New this year is that the solutions and this year’s cases are being presented with the help of VR and AI. This gives you as a visitor the opportunity to experience and explore this year’s cases in a whole new way. Each case being presented at IoT Arena is also linked to an exhibitor – just follow the footsteps to find the supplier.

A selection of this year’s cases:

  • Beds by Scapa – Digital decision boards to create company-wide participation.
  • Auto_mat – An unmanned grocery shop for rural areas.
  • SKF Optomnia – Optimise rotation with the aid of sensors and software.
  • VR contact in traffic – Use 360-degree films and virtual reality to create a whole new way of teaching traffic skills and making young people more traffic aware.
  • ScanBox IoFood – With IoFood on the box, food quality can be followed at every stage – from food preparation and during transport until it’s served. 
  • Kalmar in a Box – VR makes training better and more efficient.
  • HippoMotion-  a product developed to detect altered or abnormal movement patterns in horses. 


Kalmar in a Box

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