Dr Sascha Peters Disruptive Materials

Additive production

- URWAHN: Bicycle with SLM connectors (Urwahn, Magdeburg)

- Responsive Tactility – 4D printed skins (Tessa Petrusa, NL). Read more. 

- 3D printed auxetic textiles (Eric Esser, Berlin)

- 4D printing with shape memory metals (Prof. Thomas Niendorf, Uni Kassel)


Smart Materials

- Adaptex shading system made from memory materials (KHB Weißensee, Berlin)

- GT-LIQUID: Water-based graphene dispersion as conductive ink (Graphen Tec, Germany)

- Magneto Valve: Wireless gripper with magnetic shape memory alloys (ETO, Germany). Read more. 

- OLED Microdisplays for AR/VR-solutions (Fraunhofer FEP, Germany).


Ressource Efficiency

- Lignoloc Wooden Nails (BECK Fastener Group, Austria). Read more.

- Stone Web (Natascha Unger, Idalene Rapp, KH Berlin)

- Ceramic Foam (Ralph Zähringer, Berlin)


Sustainable Materials

- Big Cellulose Printing (Singapore University). Read more. 

- Blood Sneaker (Shahar Livne, Eindhoven; K&T Thies, Munich)

- ALWE Algae Filter Wall (Solaga, Berlin)

- Urine Tiles (Sinae Kim, Seoul/Korea)