Why exhibit on Interior Competence & Components?

ICC Arena

In the industry’s spotlight

Major Swedish furniture manufacturers support Interior Competence & Components. They want to see a meeting place where they can find innovative and competitive suppliers. To exhibit here is to place yourself right in front of their eyes.


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Broaden your customer base

As an exhibitor you also have a great opportunity to broaden your customer base, because Elmia Subcontractor is the leading purchasing fair for the entire manufacturing industry.


In the heart of the furniture realm

Elmia is located in the midst of one of Europe’s leading furniture regions. The area’s reputation for good design and a high level of innovation stretches far beyond Sweden’s borders. A majority of the country’s population lives within a 350-kilometre radius, and visitors travel to the fair quickly and easily whether by car, train or air. So it’s a highly strategic display case!

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To Application & Prices

To book a stand, please contact:

Birgitta Lundgren

Tel: +46 36 15 22 52

Pia Kihlgren

Tel: +46 36 15 21 28