Advertise in the Fair Catalogue

Annons i mässkatalog

The fair catalogue is the fair’s encyclopaedia, containing facts about everything and everyone. The reader uses the catalogue to search for products and supplier details, and to see which exhibitors are at the fair. It is used for general browsing, and many people keep the catalogue, if only for the excellent suppliers directory. An ad in the catalogue increases the chances of visitors noticing your company in particular.

The catalogue has a wide circulation. 12,000 copies are printed and it is handed out free to all visitors and exhibitors.


1/1-page 1/2-page 1/4-page

148x210 mm 125x185 mm
(5 mm bleed)
4-colour: SEK 15 300
b/w: SEK 11 200

125x90 mm 60x185 mm

4-colour: SEK 9 200
b/w: SEK 6 700

125x45 mm 60x90 mm

4-colour: SEK 5 500
b/w: SEK 4 000

Technical information

Format: Print-ready pdf.
Cirkulation: 12 , 000. Distributed at the fair and strategic places in Jönköping
Contact: Andreas Forsberg, +46 36 15 20 42,

Do you have any questions about prices or about achieving the best mix for your participation in the fair? Please contact us!

Andreas Forsberg
+46 36 15 20 42