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Artichoke soup with dill & crayfish

Elk isterband” – Swedish local dish - sausage of elk, potato & barleycorn with creamy potato, funnel chanterelle & chive

Hot smoked salmon with sea food & potato

Soup of green peas with horseradish & smoked salmon

Pork with caramelized red onion sauce & creamy potato puree

Salmon with pecorino, green herb sauce & potato

Thursday 13/11
Asparagus soup with ”isterband” – Swedish local sausage

Sirloin steak with potato gratin & red wine sauce

Fish- & shellfish stew with saffron & aioli

Friday 14/11
Mushroom soup

Ox- stew with root vegetable, bacon & onion.

Cod with lobster sauce


Opening hours
11:30 - 14:30

149 SEK incl. salad buffet, drink and coffee


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