Entrance and registration

When entering and registering, it is important that you follow the instructions that are in place. Here is clear information about physical distancing that is reminiscent of hand hygiene and distance between participants.
  • Download your ticket online before your visit.
  • No cash handling applies.
  • Several entrance options.
  • Separate inputs and outputs.
  • Clear floor markings that remind you to keep your distance.
  • Plexiglas is set up at our information desks and other places where there is a need.
  • Access to mouth guards and hand alcohol.
  • Control of flows with blocking options to guide you as a visitor.

Routines for disease symptoms

Visitors who visit the facility and show symptoms of illness may be denied access to the facility. The routines for handling suspicious cases follow the three basic principles: isolate, protect and assess the symptoms.

Some examples:

  • Clear routines and areas of responsibility.
  • Trained, medical staff.
  • Finished hospital rooms for assessment of further handling.
  • Necessary protective equipment.