Safe meetings

With large areas and long experience of smooth flow, we have opportunity to
create meetings with safe distances and thereby safe meetings

We want you who visit us at Elmia, whether it is at a small meeting, conference, congress or a large trade fair, to be able to feel and be confident that it is a safe meeting place. We have taken several measures to increase safety and we work continuously with our safety routines. We work with:

  • Distance - By limiting the number of people who can be on the premises at the same time, we create the opportunity for physical distancing.
  • Pre-registration - Only ticket advance, no registration on site to reduce the risk of queuing at the entrance.
  • Flows - Optimization of flows to guide you as a visitor through floor markings and custom corridors
  • Information - Clear and regular information via signs and speakers to remind us of our safety routines
  • Cleaning & hygiene - Equipped the premises with non-contact hand alcohol stations and extended cleaning.