Safe Meetings

Health and safety has always been the highest priority for Elmia; for our customers, visitors, partners and employees. With large areas and long experience of flows with people, we offer together with you, a safe meeting place.

We have a long-term collaboration and work in close relationship with relevant authorities such as the police and fire protection authority. Even from an infection control perspective, we work closely with the relevant authorities so as not to contribute to increased spread of infection and follow the government's rules and guidelines.

We want you who visit us at Elmia, whether it is at a small meeting, conference, congress or a large trade fair, to be able to feel and be confident that it is a safe meeting place. We have taken several measures to increase safety and we work continuously with our safety routines.

We all have a common responsibility to create a pleasant meeting place by following the safety guidelines and routines we have created.

Thank you for taking responsibility and following our safety procedures. Hope that we'll see each other soon!