BMW’s Head of Design Advanced Materials on the importance of low weight

Hilke Schaer, Head of Design Advanced Materials at BMW Group, is giving a talk at the fair about how the automotive giant’s designers work with polymer materials.

Low weight is becoming increasingly important at every stage of automotive product development. It is a key focus area for BMW.
   “The main benefits of plastics are their weight-saving properties. But there are other gains too, such as material performance, flexibility, simple production, cost effectiveness and recycling,” says Schaer.

BMW is renowned for high quality and exclusivity, but also for its work on lightweight constructions. This is a winning combination, according to Schaer.

   “In this context, developed and improved polymers not only have functional advantages, they also enhance the feeling of high-quality craftsmanship customers expect from BMW. Through blending, structure, surface finish and by combining polymers with other materials, we have identified new ways of improving the appearance and quality of plastics – techniques that dispel the myth that plastic is solely a low-cost material,” she says, adding:

   “Our technologies help strengthen the feel, character and design values, qualities that are tremendously important to BMW as a brand.”  

Plastic and emotionality in future design, PlasTactic Arena, Hall B, Thursday 10 May at 14.15 CET.