According to the Plastics Barometer:

Plastics companies – proactive players in industry

Turnover has stabilised for subcontractors, but is increasing for plastics companies. They are also more proactive than other subcontractors in several areas. This is according to the Swedish Industry Association’s Plastics Barometer, which was presented on the first day of the trade show.

During the first quarter of the year, the proportion of plastics companies with higher turnover has increased to 42%, from 35% in the previous quarter. This is while subcontractors in general have seen virtually no change at all.

“We have never seen things level out quite as clearly as they have during the spring,” says Anders Ekdahl, Managing Director of the Swedish Industry Association.

However, the plastics industry is an exception, and this is also clear in the faith in the future evident among companies. One in two plastics companies anticipates an increase in incoming orders over the next quarter, and the number expecting fewer orders has fallen by more than 50% since last quarter. But what is most remarkable, according to Anders Ekdahl, is the plastics companies’ proactive effort and attitude in several areas.

“Since the last measurement was taken, many companies have focused heavily on exports and finding more geographical markets, and that focus is continuing. Today, half of the companies generate up to 20% of their turnover from exports. In three years’ time, almost as many (45% of the companies) anticipate having a share of exports of up to 40%.

The Plastics Barometer also shows that more than half of the plastics companies (53%) have their own products, which is 9% more than subcontractors in general. Moreover, the plastics companies are better at intellectual property rights. 

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