AWI premieres energy-efficient injection moulder

The new BOY 22 E plastics injection moulder uses just half as much energy as its predecessors. After its world première at Fakuma last year, it is being shown for the first time in Scandinavia at Elmia Polymer.

German BOY is one of the first manufacturers to develop a plastics injection moulder powered by a servomotor. The construction has previously been used in some larger machines. But thanks to the BOY 22 E, companies working on a smaller scale can now also benefit from its advantages.
“Energy is an increasingly important factor when calculating the production cost. This means that this machine is definitely worth the investment,” says Lars-Olle Nilsson, Managing Director of stockists AWI Maskin.

The new plastics injection moulder works 10% faster and has 20% lower noise levels than other comparable machines.
“It will be great to show the machine to the Scandinavian industry at the fair. It is compact and relatively small, but has 22 tonnes of clamping force, so it’s a machine that will suit most companies,” says Nilsson.