Parallel production fairs

Until now Elmia’s production fairs have been Elmia Machine Tools, Elmia Sheet Metal, Elmia Automation, and Elmia Welding and Joining Technology. In 2018 they will be joined and strengthened by the plastic industry’s Elmia Polymer plus a new fair for additive manufacturing, Elmia 3D.

This broadens the range of production technologies and materials on offer to Sweden’s manufacturing industry and creates a joint platform for exchanging ideas that will lead to new business opportunities and visionary thinking in the industry.

Read more about each fair below.

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Elmia Automation

Elmia Automation, a dedicated automation fair for the manufacturing industry, will consist mainly of companies that produce or refine automation products and systems for the Swedish manufacturing industry.
Go to the website of Elmia Automation for more information


Elmia Welding and Joining Technology

Elmia Welding and Joining Technology (Svets & Fogningsteknik) is a specialized trade fair for welding and other joining techniques such as glueing, riveting and tapeing. The fair is organised in co-operation with the Swedish Welding Commission.
Go to the website of Elmia Welding and Joining Technology for more information

Elmia Machine Tools

Elmia Machine Tools, a complete production engineering trade fair with everything in machine tools, tools and measurement technology. The fair is being organised in conjunction with our partners SVMF (The Swedish Machine Tool Dealers’ Association) and MTAS (Machine & Tool Association of Sweden).

Go to the website of Elmia Machine Tools for more information

Elmia Plåt

Elmia Sheet Metal is a dedicated sheet metal fair for the sheet metal industry featuring exhibitors of machinery and products for such processes as pressing, bending, punching, shearing, cutting and surface finishing. Suppliers of materials, peripheral equipment and finishing tools will also be at the fair. 


Go to the website of Elmia Sheet Metal for more information


Elmia Polymer

Elmia Polymer is a specialised trade fair focusing on plastics and rubber. The fair, which is organised at the heart of the market, offers a high-class selection in the fields of injection moulding, extrusion and compounding.

Go to the website of Elmia Polymer for more information

Elmia 3D

Elmia 3D is a new fair with the latest in additive manufacturing. Here, vendors of machines, materials and production equipment gather together to give all visitors the chance to discover tomorrow's production techniques. The fair will have premiere 15-18 May 2018 and will be unique in its context as it will be arranged in parallel with Elmias production fairs.

Go to the swedish website of Elmia 3D for more information