Have many quick meetings

This stand is open and easy to enter and has neutral carpeting to be more inviting. There is lots of space for your staff to receive many visitors.

Five tips:

  • Use the time before the fair to invite your target groups.
  • In your invitation be clear about why you are exhibiting at the fair. That way you have prepared your target groups for what the meetings will be about.
  • Make sure that your stand feels open and is easy to enter. Plan to give your stand staff about 5 m2 as their workspace. So think about what you will fill your stand area with.
  • Having many meetings mean that they must be short. Practise ending conversations and meetings in a good way.
  • Practise your ‘elevator pitch’. This means being able to discuss the most important aspects of your company/product/service in the time it takes to take a lift to the third floor.



Stand package including floor space:      

9 sq.m SEK 25 900
12 sq.m. SEK 31 900
16 sq.m. SEK 39 900
20 sq.m. SEK 47 900
24 sq.m. SEK 55 900

The stand package includes floor space, painted walls, rented carpeting, two high tables, a brochure stand, light rigging 3 m, a lockable space with a white door, electric sockets, a 1m shelf, clothes hangers, a wastebasket plus cleaning all the days of the fair.

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