Have longer meetings

For a longer meeting visitors like to sit down and rest their feet. This stand has a ramp and more muted lighting to create a more pleasant setting for longer discussions.

Five tips:

  • Make the effort to implement a proper invitation campaign. Use several different channels to reach your target groups. Why not start with a postal invitation, follow up with a phone call, and then send an email reminder?
  • Before the fair starts, book meetings at your stand with the most important people.
  • Trade fairs have a lot of attractions. Think about what you are offering that will make your target groups want to invest their time in a longer meeting with you rather than anyone else.
  • A longer meeting almost always involves offering visitors something to drink.
  • Be clear with your stand staff about what the purpose of the meetings is.



Stand package including floor space:      

9 sq.m SEK 25 900
12 sq.m. SEK 31 900
16 sq.m. SEK 39 900
20 sq.m. SEK 47 900
24 sq.m. SEK 55 900

The stand package includes floor space, painted walls, rented carpeting, a low table, three chairs, plants, an alu-ramp including corporate name, a spotlight/sectional wall, a lamp above the seating group, a lockable space with a white door, electric sockets, a wastebasket plus cleaning all the days of the fair.

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For more information and booking, contact:
Jörgen Andersson
+46 (0)36- 15 22 84