Build your brand

In this stand the focus is on your corporate identity and products.  

Five tips

  • Seize the opportunity to display your logo in many places – before, during and after the fair. Examples of places are: the fair’s website, in the fair newspaper, in trade journals before the fair, on the fair carrier bags, in the car park…the list is long!
  • Send out invitations to many people before the fair – preferably to leading figures in the industry.
  • A good reception builds a strong brand. People who are naturally sociable are better suited to building brands than product specialists.
  • Everything in your stand communicates. What are you giving away? What are you wearing? Plan so that everything is in line with your brand.
  • Keep your promises! Nothing hollows out a brand like visitors not getting that promised chat after the fair. Plan before the fair what you can promise your visitors and reserve time after the fair closes to respond to them as promised.


Stand package including floor space:      

9 sq.m SEK 25 900
12 sq.m. SEK 31 900
16 sq.m. SEK 39 900
20 sq.m. SEK 47 900
24 sq.m. SEK 55 900

The stand package includes floor space, painted walls, rented carpeting, a high table and two barstools, three podiums, a wall-mounted logo, a spotlight/sectional wall, a lockable space with a white door, electric sockets, a wastebasket plus cleaning all the days of the fair. 

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For more information and booking, contact:
Jörgen Andersson
+46 (0)36- 15 22 84