Business in focus during Elmia Production Fairs

Swedish industry is booming and is facing technological shifts that will affect the entire manufacturing sector.
This became clear when Elmia Production Fairs consolidated its place as Sweden’s most important arena for production in the manufacturing industry.
Four days of trade fairs saw a lot of new business being done and the most important future issues being discussed.

Business has been the main focus at Elmia Production Fairs. With greater faith in a booming economy, the need for investment has also increased among small and medium-sized companies in Sweden. This was clear during Elmia Automation, where tomorrow’s automation solutions for more efficient, competitive production were on show.

“We are more than pleased, and had reached our leads target for the week by Thursday. Every day set a new record and we feel extremely positive,” says Tomas Berg, General Manager at Schunk Sweden, an exhibitor at Elmia Automation.

Another aspect which made it clear that Elmia Production Fairs is a marketplace for industry was the fact that several deals were made on the exhibition floor.

“Even before we made our deal, it had been a fantastic fair from day one. Trade fairs and face-to-face contact are vital in building business relations. The fact that we struck deals on the exhibition floor is clear proof that Elmia is good for industry,” says Peter Gustafsson, Sales Executive at Tebeco, which exhibited at both Elmia Sheet Metal and Elmia Welding and Joining Technology.

Kemppi was another exhibitor at Elmia Welding and Joining Technology, attending for the fourth consecutive year.

“This is the best fair to date for us, and our visitors have been of high quality too. I don’t think we’ve ever had this many leads before, and I think that’s largely due to our new launches. The parallel fairs have indirectly led people our way as our sectors are so closely related. Combining them like this is vital for the industry,” says Michael Johansson, Head of Sales & Marketing at Kemppi.

One recurring theme through all three fairs is the increased digitalisation now so characteristic of all production. It was clear too that automation and collaborative robots are growing increasingly common in industry.

“We are delighted with our visitors and have never had as many leads at a trade show as we have here at Elmia Machine Tools. I think the content at our stand, displaying our automation solutions, is what has attracted people. We’ve certainly been helped by Elmia Automation being held simultaneously, while it’s also clear that robots have been very popular at our stand,” says Henrik Olsson, Managing Director at Edströms.

This was the first time that six trade shows were arranged under the umbrella name of Elmia Production Fairs. Exciting innovations, new materials and the latest developments have been shown by more than 480 exhibitors.

“Our expectations have been exceeded and we’ve had the right kind of visitors too. We’ve had firm inquiries about machinery and equipment, which means new work as soon as we get home. There has also been more activity generally with the spillover effect from the other fairs, and this has added to the positive atmosphere. Our customers have been delighted too, as people from the production floor have been able to come along and check out machine tools, for example. We’ve had a great response to that combination,” says Anders Friborg, Sales Manager at Saxe Nordic Plast in Sweden, an exhibitor at Elmia Polymer.

This year also saw the premiere of Elmia 3D – a trade show focusing exclusively on additive manufacturing. Exhibitors at Elmia 3D included the global corporation HP, which saw great benefits in attending an arena where six fairs were being held simultaneously.

“It’s a very good idea. It entails tremendous advantages for us as exhibitors, primarily from a logistical and financial perspective. The Nordic market is important to us, and Elmia Production Fairs brings the right people together,” says Lucas Dworski, Marketing Manager at HP.

Elmia Production Fairs will next be held on 12–15 May 2020.

“We’ve had four amazing days here at Elmia, and would like to thank all the exhibitors and visitors for a great event. Some of the most important future issues for the industry have come to the fore during the fairs, and we want to continue serving as an arena for these matters in 2020. We look forward to seeing people then,” say Ann Kittendorff and Tanja Lundberg, Project Managers for Elmia Production Fairs.


Visitor figures for Elmia Production Fairs

Elmia Welding & Joining Technology and Elmia Sheet Metal: 10,570
Elmia Machine Tools and Elmia 3D: 15,249
Elmia Polymer: 7,681
Elmia Automation: 11,903