Driving vehicles in halls

Clean air leads to a better work environment. At Elmia we strive to minimise emissions of exhaust gases from vehicles in order to create a better working climate for everyone – staff, exhibitors and visitors alike.

It is important to have good air quality in the halls. By jointly respecting the times and limits specified for the use of vehicles, we can maintain a good work environment for everyone.

Please register early (productionservice@elmia.se) and plan your vehicle entry requirements, for example trailers, lorries, carts and machinery. If machinery cannot be brought in using an electric forklift truck, a catalytic converter must be used. If a vehicle is idling, such as during loading/unloading and hoisting of goods and materials, extraction fans must be used.

Please also remember to switch vehicles off when waiting in line. Trailers should be manoeuvred in manually or pulled by electric forklift truck. Please use Elmia’s Transport Service – we’re here to help you!

Questions regarding moving-in and moving-out times, sent to Elmia AB Production service, Box 6066, SE-550 06 JÖNKÖPING, or mail to productionservice@elmia.se