Parallel events

Elmia Welding and Joining Technology (Svets & Fogningsteknik) is a specialized trade fair for welding and other joining techniques such as glueing, riveting and tapeing. The fair is organised in co-operation with the Swedish Welding Commission.
 Elmia Welding and joining technology
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Elmia Automation

Elmia Automation, a dedicated automation fair for the manufacturing industry, will consist mainly of companies that produce or refine automation products and systems for the Swedish manufacturing industry.

Logotyp Elmia Atuomation

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Elmia Machine Tools

Elmia Machine Tools, a complete production engineering trade fair with everything in machine tools, tools and measurement technology. The fair is being organised in conjunction with our partners SVMF (The Swedish Machine Tool Dealers’ Association) and MTAS (Machine & Tool Association of Sweden).

Elmia Machine tools

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