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Company nameCityCountryStand    Fair
Abelko Innovation LULEÅ SWEDEN B04:36B04:36      Elmia Property Development 2015
Advokatfirman Pedersen AB STOCKHOLM SWEDEN B05:28B05:28      Elmia Property Development 2015
Agroenergi Neova Pellets AB JÖNKÖPING SWEDEN B03:29B03:29      Elmia Property Development 2015
Ahlsell Sverige AB MÖLNDAL SWEDEN B02:20B02:20     
Ahlsell Sverige AB MÖLNDAL SWEDEN B02:46B02:46      Elmia Property Development 2015
Ait-värmeteknik-Sverige AB HELSINGBORG SWEDEN B06:29B06:29      Elmia Property Development 2015
Akademi Båstad BÅSTAD SWEDEN U:203U:203     
Andreas Stihl Norden AB STENKULLEN SWEDEN U:624U:624     
AnnonsKraft AB LJUSDAL SWEDEN B09:08B09:08      Elmia Property Development 2015
Appivo AB ÖREBRO SWEDEN B02:19B02:19     
Aquadesign International AB DANDERYD SWEDEN A02:11A02:11     
Ariens Scandinavia RYGGE NORWAY A07:31A07:31     
ARS - Nakaya Scandinavia AB NYKÖPING SWEDEN A01:15A01:15     
Atteviks Personvagnar AB JÖNKÖPING SWEDEN U:413U:413