Who is visiting Elmia Nordic Transport Infrastructure?

Here you will meet everyone with a common interest in transports and
transport related infrastructure. The fair is aimed primarily at the following
visitor categories:

» Politicians at the national, regional and municipal levels
» Officials at the national, regional and municipal levels
» Employees of regional and municipal development companies
» Representatives of government departments and agencies
» Owners of infrastructure/facilities for various modes of transport
» Investigators and developers in safety, security and monitoring
» Consultants, developers and land-use planners
» Transport planners
» Planning managers and project owners
» Cargo owners, shippers, goods transportplanners and logistics managers
» Principals, officials and employees of public transport companies
» Engineers, technicians and product developers
» Supervisors and construction managers
» Researchers
» Operations and maintenance contractors
» Employees in construction, operations, maintenance and service
» Students