Elmia Nordic Transport Infrastructure

Welcome to our newest fair on transports, transport infrastructure, intermodality and urban development. Book your stand, start planning and we will meet on 5 - 7 October 2021.

We are widening our focus on the transports sector and let our previous fairs, Elmia Nordic Road and Elmia Future Transport merge into the very new Elmia Nordic Transport Infrastructure.

Elmia Nordic Transport Infrastructure is the right place to exhibit if you have products or services that help the transport industry to develop and meet tomorrow’s challenges, all from efficiency to climate goals.

Here you will meet government departments and agencies, organisations, specifiers, planning managers, purchasers, operators, researchers and educationalists. All with a shared interest in transports and infrastructure.

Exciting features

On the trade fair floor, we introduce Elmia Transport Infrastructure Technical Talks, which provide more in-depth coverage of various technical fields right at the fair and Elmia Nordic Transport Infrastructure Technical Walks, a “fast track” service at the fair for visitors with special interests. Read more.

The fair Elmia Nordic Rail and  the conference Elmia Nordic Future Transport Summit -  a forum for the really major strategic issues, will be held in parallel with the fairs

Book your stand and we will meet on 5-7 October 2021!