Who will you meet at Elmia Nordic Rail?

At Elmia Nordic Rail you will lay the foundation for your future business. Here you will meet infrastructure managers, transport operators and vehicle manufacturers. Here are the people who work in maintenance and service. You will also meet components manufacturers, consultants and freight forwarders. Politicians, experts and other decision makers make the mix complete.

Elmia Nordic Rail is attended by:

  • Officials at the national, regional and municipal levels 
  • Representatives of government departments and agencies
  • Employees of regional and municipal development companies
  • Cargo owners, shippers, goods transport planners and logistics managers 
  • Investigators and developers in safety, security and monitoring
  • Transport planners and purchasers
  • Principals, officials and employees of public transport companies and train operators
  • Engineers, technicians and product developers 
  • Consultants, developers and land-use planners
  • Employees in operations, maintenance and service
  • Students and new employees