SIgnal Concept GmbH

The Insulated Rail Joint Tester SICO 2046 is coming to Sweden

In most cases, track circuits of individual track sections are isolated by insulation joints. A precise detection of insulated rail joint bridges is indispensable to ensure safe operation without failure.
Therefore, the German company Signal Concept GmbH developed a device to test insulated rail joints which are installed in the track.

The Insulated Rail Joint Tester SICO 2046 offers an innovative solution providing true resistance measurements from insulated rail joints. Current measurement is taken via a separate current transducer and not, as common in most devices via an internal shunt. Just the current through the insulated joint is measured. Parallel current paths close to the insulated joint won't distort the current measurement. The tester separates the current flow from external portions, e.g. current from the impedance bond, connecting line or bedding, and distinguishes between the actual resistance of the joint and parallel loads. In addition to the contactless voltage measurement, the resistance of only the insulated joint is measured. This means no more mistaken removal of faultless joints.

Big benefits are:
- Measurements are taken contactless. A current transducer measures the current. Voltage is taken via insulated contacts on the tester's bottom.
- A transmitter bound around the rail sends a signal.
- The test results are stored in the device.

Since several years now Signal Concept GmbH has been selling the contactless working Insulated rail joint tester SICO 2046. It became a useful device for customers all over the world. The quick testing of a completely installed insulated joint is a substantial economical and temporal advantage of this reliable tester.