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The conference programme sets its sights on the future. The future of railway expansion, the future of street and road network extension and the future of transport.

Some of the areas up for discussion are digitalisation, the green shift and logistics for competitiveness. Other highly relevant areas are visionary ticketing systems which are now a reality and Sweden's National Negotitation on Housing and Infrastructure (Sverigeförhandlingen), in which many agreements with municipalities ar now in place.

See the conference programme (pdf-version).

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CONDITIONS AND POLICIES: Sustainable transport in the community
CONDITIONS AND POLICIES: Passenger safety and security
CONDITIONS AND POLICIES: Signaling programme - Traffic control
NS3, KEY SEMINAR: Renewed commitment to vision zero: - How do we move forward?
NS1, KEY SEMINAR: High-speed railways - Do they solve the problems?
CONDITIONS AND POLICIES: Sustainable transports
VISION AND TECHNOLOGY: Techology and sustainability
CONDITIONS AND POLICIES: Unprotected road users - to learn from accidents
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Conference room 11, Congress house Elmia
Conference room 11, Congress house, Elmia
Conference room 11, Congresshouse Elmia
Lokal B1, next to Hall B
Lokal B2, next to Hall B
Lokal B3, next to Hall B
Lokal B4, next to Hall B
Lokal B6, next to Hall B
Rydbergsalen, Congress house
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