Safety relating to machines and equipment

The Swedish Work Environment Act (Arbetsmiljölagen) Chapter 3 Section 8 stipulates that machines, implements and other technical devices must afford adequate security against ill health and accidents when they are delivered to be used. The regulations also apply to machines that are exhibited for advertising or sale.

If the safety requirements are not met, the technical device may still be shown at trade fairs and exhibitions if it is clearly indicated that the requirements are not satisfied and that the device may not be placed on the market or delivered to be used until it meets the requirements. If the device is set in operation at the fair, adequate safety precautions must be taken to prevent accidents.

Machine demonstrations

The regulations governing use apply as much to machine demonstrations at exhibitions and trade fairs as they do to other use.

It is therefore important that:

  • the applicable regulations governing use are followed
  • no one who does not have the knowledge, operating experience and age specified in the regulations is permitted to operate the machine
  • sufficient barriers are put up around the demonstration area
  • machines that are operating or positioned in a way that can involve risk for accidents must not be left unattended.

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