Venues and premises at Elmia

If you’ve never been to Elmia, you’re bound to be surprised. “Wow, what a lot of great venues you have! We thought Elmia was just one big exhibition hall.” It’s no exaggeration to say that’s the comment we hear most.

Meetings, get-togethers and exhibitions
At Elmia there are 20 or so conference rooms, a large congress and concert hall, exhibition halls, several restaurants and reception areas designed for informal get-togethers and small exhibitions. All under one roof. Not to mention the outdoor areas.

Accessibility and logistics
Logic and logistics go hand in hand. If you want to combine a congress with an exhibition and a banquet it can easily be arranged, and your guests never even have to set foot outside Elmia. Several entrances and multiple access to the exhibition halls helps you and your guests avoid detours and confusion.