Visit the Veteran Hall!

It’s election time in Sweden in September but you can elect to do something already in August – visit the Veteran Hall during your visit to Elmia Lastbil. Where do all the high-tech trucks at Elmia Lastbil 2018 come from?

The answers are to be found in the Veteran Hall (Hall C). Trucks have often been very important to the development of our country and to supplying its needs, and that is still true today. Much of what has been accomplished would never even have been possible without the capacity of trucks. Ships and trains have also contributed to our history, though with the limitation that they could not always move their cargoes between two points on the map without having to reload.

The interplay between the various forms of transport was and still is ever-more important, and here the truck plays a crucial role. As our roads, technology and infrastructure have improved, the truck has gained an ever-greater importance to the development of our country and to supplying its needs. The environmental impact has decreased greatly and the conditions for loading, unloading and driving trucks have improved considerably.

In the Veteran Hall we show you some of how trucks have developed over the years, so plan a visit to Hall C when you attend Elmia Lastbil 2018. Experience your childhood or that of an older friend with these fantastic vehicles, which laboured mightily with their characteristic sounds and smells during their golden days.

Do you have a truck you’d like to exhibit to our many visitors?
(We do not have room for military or rescue vehicles or buses)

 /Anders and the team