The concept

Elmia Lastbil is an important event for the Swedish haulage industry and its suppliers, as it is a marketplace and meeting-place with a positive atmosphere.

As a marketplace, Elmia Lastbil gives the haulage industry an opportunity to find out about what the sector has to offer in the way of chassis, add-ons, accessories, equipment, services and so on – all in one place. For suppliers, Elmia Lastbil is an effective marketplace where new contacts are forged with the whole haulage industry.

As a meeting-place, individual haulage operators and suppliers can come together to exchange experiences, acquire new knowledge, cultivate existing contacts, make new contacts and meet in a more informal atmosphere. The meeting-place also aims to attract young people to a future in the haulage industry.

The special atmosphere is possible thanks to the comprehensive programme of activities taking place during the fair. Elmia Lastbil is an ideal opportunity for industry colleagues to meet in a different environment to normal. The special atmosphere is a strong reason why everyone who works in haulage comes back time and time again.