If you drive a car to the fair, there is parking in the area adjacent to the exhibition center. The cost of a parking card is SEK 60/day.

Cash payment is recommended and then you will pay directly to the parking attendants on the way into the parking lot, which saves you a lot of time. There is access to a small number of card payments in the area which tend to create queues.


Bus parking
Close to Elmia , behind the restaurant Bonarelli (Huskvarnavägen 48 , 554 54 Jönköping) , there is a space to park buses.


Truck parking
For those of you who come by trucks to the fair, there are three parking areas. Shuttle Bus from these parking areas will be going 8:30 to 18:00 every day. Shuttle bus starts from the South Entrance. To reach the driver call 036-152001.


Oset Huskvarna (561 32 Huskvarna)


M2 Eurostop (Statoil, Ryhovsgatan 2, 553 03 Jönköping) - 50SEK/day (includes toilet and coffe)


Rasta Brunstorp (Strandvägen, 561 34 Huskvarna)


Oset Huskvarna (561 32 Huskvarna)

M2 Eurostop (Statoil, Ryhovsgatan 2, 553 03 Jönköping) - 50SEK/day (includes toilet and coffe)

Rasta Brunstorp (Strandvägen, 561 34 Huskvarna)