Why you should exhibit at Elmia Lastbil

The reasons are many – here are the five most important ones.

A fair for the entire industry
Elmia Lastbil is by far the Nordic region’s largest haulage and transport trade fair and is the industry’s only national meeting place. The fair is attended by some 35,000 people, and an independent visitor survey done by Fairlink shows that the visitors’ geographical distribution is a good reflection of the industry as a whole. This is the most comprehensive market forum in 2020, where you will have the opportunity to meet the most current and potential customers in one and the same place.

A fair for professionals
Elmia Lastbil is first and foremost a trade fair where about 90% of the visitors are industry professionals. The visitors cover the entire spectrum of actors within the industry, ranging from drivers from the smallest hauliers to the CEOs of Sweden’s biggest haulage companies. Many events proudly proclaim their large numbers of visitors. At Elma Lastbil we can do both that and also confirm that the right people are visiting this arena, which ensures your chances of achieving a good ROI.

The fair is well covered by the media
Elmia Lastbil receives a lot of media coverage. About 100 accredited journalists from all over Europe usually attend every edition of the fair to cover the industry’s very latest news and technological developments. The fair also hosts topical debates with a range of industry representatives, decision makers and authorities. In addition, Sweden’s two leading industry magazines, Trailer Magazine and Svensk Åkeritidning, are co-organisers of Elmia Lastbil, thereby encouraging even more coverage of the fair. We also market exhibitors’ own news via various media channels, both in print and on social media.

Continuity since 1983
As an industry event, Elmia Lastbil is greatly appreciated by the haulage industry for its high market penetration. The most recent edition of the fair had more than 31,000 visitors from an industry that is judged to have an extremely high employment growth rate, with approximately 349,000 people predicted to be gainfully employed in the Swedish transport sector by 2030 (source: HUI Research, June 2017). In the independent survey done by Fairlink at the 2018 edition of the fair, 75% answered YES to the question: “Are you interested in visiting this fair again next time it is held?”

Elmia Lastbil has been held every second year since 1983, with the exception of the years 1989 and 1990, when the fair switched from being held on odd-numbered years to even-numbered ones, and was therefore held two years in a row. This means that hauliers are expecting and looking forward to meeting the industry’s assembled suppliers at Elmia Lastbil 2020, when the fair will be held for the 20th time.

We also make sure that the fair attracts the younger generation – both to become employees and to learn more about what you and your colleagues have to offer. All of Sweden’s haulage and mechanics schools are invited to attend the fair and also to participate in various competitions.

You’ll become a winner by participating in Elmia Lastbil 2020 
Elmia Lastbil is the industry’s only fair of an international nature and is by far the biggest national fair to be held in the Nordic region during 2020. Instead of spreading your resources thinly in terms of both personnel and finances, seize this opportunity and make a concerted effort to exhibit at Elmia Lastbil, the activity that has the highest visitor numbers and is most talked about. It will give you the best and most secure results.