Why exhibit at the fair?

There are all kinds of reasons why you should exhibit at Elmia Lastbil. We’ve listed the five main ones below.

A trade show for the whole industry
Elmia Lastbil is the biggest truck fair in the Nordic region, and the industry’s only national meeting-place. The fair is generally visited by around 40,000 people. An independent public survey conducted by Nordiska Undersökningsgruppen shows that the geographical distribution of visitors is representative of the industry itself. Therefore, there is no other activity in 2016 where it is possible to meet more potential customers in one and the same place.

A trade show for professionals
Elmia Lastbil is a trade show. 95% of visitors work in the industry, and they represent the entire spectrum of people and business areas, from drivers at the smallest haulage firms to managing directors of Sweden’s biggest haulage companies. Many trade fairs can boast massive visitor figures, but they are not necessarily the ‘right’ visitors. At Elmia Lastbil you’ll find not only a high number of visitors, but also the right kind of visitors.

Extensive media coverage
Elmia Lastbil is well covered by the media. In 2014 there were 97 accredited journalists from 9 countries on site to cover the event. Moreover, Elmia Lastbil is co-organised by Sweden’s two leading trade magazines, Trailer Magazine and Svensk Åkeritidning, which obviously guarantees particularly good coverage there.

Continuity since 1983
Elmia Lastbil is highly valued in the haulage industry. Market penetration is good. The previous fair was attended by 39,194 visitors from an industry estimated to employ something like 60,000-65,000 people in Sweden. In the independent survey conducted by Nordiska Undersökningsgruppen after the 2010 show, 90% of respondents answered YES to the question: “Are you interested in visiting the next Elmia Lastbil?”

Elmia Lastbil has been held every other year since 1983, apart from 1989 and 1990 when it was held two years in a row to change to even numbered years. This means that hauliers expect and look forward to meeting the whole industry’s suppliers in one place at Elmia Lastbil 2014.

Be a winner – bet on a sure thing
Elmia Lastbil is the only national trade show in the Nordic region in 2014. Rather than spreading human and financial resources across several smaller events, it is preferable to target resources at the activity that is strongest and achieves the best, most reliable results.