6 - 10 Sep 2023
For Exhibitors


Below you will find a list of the most important deadlines for your fair parUploading files to printticipation. Note that each deadline is the very last date, but ideally you should place your orders well ahead of this.

15 May - Send in your whishes for exhibitor camping outside the fair
Fill in your whishes at "My pages". In June you will get a confirmation and more information.

20 June - Exhibitor list will be published on the website
In the exhibitor list the fair visitors receives information about which products and services your company offers. It is important that your visitors can find you here. Now you can also supplement your presentation with a logo, images, video, documents, news and offers - perfekt for showing off your company to the fair visitors. 

3 July - Last day to order stand equipment
NOTE! After 2 August their will be 50 per cent more cost on the price.

7 July - Application for exemption from the established maximum height

7 August - Registrate co-exibitors
A co-exhibitor is a company that shares a stand with main exhibitor. When a co-exhibitor is registered they get a order confirmation and can be seen in the exhibitor list here at our website. Remember to enter your information before the exhibitor list is published on June 20.

7 August - Address and company information
Check that your address is correct, but send only if there is a change.

23 August - My evening activities

23 Augusti - Uploading files for print

5 September - Exhibitor presentation and product register
Describe your company and what will happen in your stand for the visitors. Your presentation will be visible in the exhibitor list on our website in the beginning of August. Also fill in the products/services you offer at the fair. Remember to enter your information before the exhibitor list is published on June 20.

You find more information about the Deadlines at My Pages.