Elmia’s Environmental Waste Management Programme

Elmia has established an environmental programme for streamlined, economical waste management. The aims of the programme are as follows:

  • Waste management must be characterised by restraint. Waste volumes must be minimised and waste sorted to ensure that as little as possible is incinerated or goes to landfill.
  • Elmia must provide and put in place skips, receptacles, areas and equipment to simplify waste management, and ensure that skips, receptacles, etc. are clearly marked. Personnel, partners and contractors must be kept informed of Elmia’s intentions.
  • Customers will be charged for large amounts of landfill and hazardous waste.

Our objective is to make it as easy as possible for our exhibitors and visitors to deal with their waste. We will set up recycling depots at the points where waste tends to be produced. Please help us to minimise the environmental impact of waste by separating it properly. NB! We can only accept waste produced in connection with activities at Elmia.


Our sorting categories:


All combustible waste that cannot be sorted into the following categories:


Ceramic, china, concrete, windowpanes etc.

Hazardous waste

Electrical/electronic waste
Light bulbs, low-energy bulbs, fluorescent strips
Paint, solvent waste
Pressure-treated wood

Glass packaging

Coloured and clear glass

Hard plastic packaging

Clean containers and bottles


Food waste from catering and similar activities


Metal packaging and scrap metal

Soft plastic

Plastic wrapping, cling film


Brochures, newspapers, magazines, etc.


  • Clean wood waste
  • Painted wood


Cardboard and cartonboard packaging

Please bear in mind!

Hazardous waste must not be separated incorrectly under any circumstances! Please ask us if you are in any doubt. Small quantities of leftover paint, aerosol cans, electrical and electronic waste may be disposed of in mobile recycling depots.