12 Nov 2021 - 10 Apr 2022

Play golf corona safe

Health and safety always have the highest priority for us at Elmia. Elmia Golf Center is built in one of our large and well-ventilated exhibition halls with plenty of space.

We divide the starting times for our 10 simulators around the hour so that not everyone starts at the same time to minimize the risk of queues and offer plenty of seats with the opportunity to spread out when not playing.

All simulators have their own lounge with access to hand sanatizers and the equipment at each course is developed with a safety mindset with the possibility of easy and safe disinfection. The maximum number in each lounge is four people. Wait to go to your booked simulator and lounge and seating area until the previous party has left the place.

Each player must bring their own equipment, as we do not provide equipment rental.

We ask all our visitors to keep their distance, wash their hands often and always on arrival before you go to your booked simulator. Cancel your time at Elmia Golf Center at the slightest symptom of illness.

Keep distance from other parties during your stay at Elmia Golf Center. Do not leave your booked simulator surface and associated lung more than necessary. Show respect and keep your distance from other players when using the putting green and warm-up surfaces.

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