Grills now a regular feature in the garden

The last time Landmann exhibited at Elmia Garden was 2006. On 4-5 October 2017 the company is back – now in the new product segment for grills, garden furniture and outdoor lighting. Among other things, Landmann will present its new grill series for 2018.

Landmann Vinson grill

Grill from the new Vinson series that will be displayed at Elmia Garden. Photo: Landmann

“Interest in grills is growing, with gas grills clearly responsible for the biggest increase,” explains Jonas Axelsson, representative for Landmann. “Gas grills have become more accepted and the myth that there is a big difference in taste in the food done on a charcoal grill compared with that done on a gas grill is starting to fade.”

One of the big advantages of a gas grill is that it’s quick to start, so it functions well for everyday use. 

“There’s a big difference compared with the 1980s when people were grilling hot dogs and T-bone steaks. Today people are grilling more often and like to prepare whole meals outdoors,” says Tobias Carlsson, Product Manager at Landmann.

Exclusive grills, slow cookers and smokers
At Elmia Garden 2017 Landmann is presenting the breadth of its range of gas and charcoal grills, fire pits and barbecue accessories. These include models from two of the new grill series for 2018, called Avalon and Vinson.

“Avalon is an addition to our premium range with more exclusive designs and more durable materials than previous models,” Jonas Axelsson says.

The other innovation the company is bringing is its charcoal grills in the Vinson series, which consists of a number of models in various sizes with a uniform design. This type of barbecue smokers can be used for grilling, slow cooking and smoking.

“We started investing in this type of grill four or five years ago but we can clearly see that interest in it has grown recently,” Jonas adds.

A complete garden trade fair
Decorating outdoor settings and gardens is a clear trend in the industry, and for 2017 Elmia Garden is presenting a new product segment hosting exhibitors of grills, garden furniture and outdoor lighting.

“The fair is a good opportunity to exhibit both our existing and new products for our current and new customers, both chains and smaller, independent shops,” Tobias Carlsson concludes.

New Landmann Avalon 2018
New Landmann Avalon 2018. Photo: Landmann
New Landmann Vinson 2018. Photo: Landmann
New Landmann Vinson 2018. Photo: Landmann