Meet visitors on the stairs
– from Lobby South to Hall B

Meet visitors on the stairs – from Lobby South to Hall B

Number 20 on the general map.

Make sure you’re the one that catches visitors’ attention as they use the stairs from Lobby South to Hall B. Here you have the whole staircase to build your message and display your company where no one can miss it. Seize the opportunity to be seen here.


Stairs from Lobby South to Hall B

  No. of ad spaces Dimensions
Steps 30 st 7 470 x 125 mm


Technical information

Size: 7 470 x 125 mm per step.
Format: Print-ready PDF with colours in CMYK. Artwork must be in scale 1:1. We recommend mainly using images as text can be difficult to read and end up cut off between the steps. If you do decide to use text, position it along the whole step as shown in the picture for the best results.
Material deadline: Material must be sent to no later than three weeks before the fair opens. Label the material with the name of the fair, company name and name of the space you have bought. Contact your salesperson at Elmia if you have any questions.

The price refer to material that is ready for publication. There is an additional cost for unfinished material. If you are unable to produce material ready for publication yourself, Elmia can help.

Price: 19.995 SEK

Excl. VAT and advertising tax (advertising tax only applies to Swedish customers).

General map

Do you have any questions about prices or about achieving the best mix for your participation in the fair?

Contact: Jonas Berglund
+46 (0)36 15 21 20