Sundsvall Logistikpark – the gateway to northern Sweden

Sundsvall Logistikpark will be finished in five years. During Elmia Future Transport, the benefits of the new intermodal terminal will be presented – along with the opportunities it opens up for the transport industry.

"In the future it will be of interest to more companies and organisations to transport goods by rail to Sundsvall," says Marie Israelsson, head of marketing and communication for Sundsvall Logistikpark.

Several major infrastructure projects are under way in the Nordic region at the moment, and in Sweden alone planned investments amount to SEK 522 billion over ten years. Local authorities and companies too are investing heavily in infrastructure.

Sundsvall Logistikpark ('Logistics Park') is a project that sees Sundsvall Municipality and SCA investing to expand the Port of Sundsvall. This means for instance a brand new container terminal, moving the intermodal terminal from central Sundsvall to the port, as well as large logistical areas. Moreover, the Swedish Transport Administration is building railway triangles to ensure good rail connections to the port.

"We feel it's important to tell the transport and logistics industry what is under way and in the pipeline in Sundsvall. Our investments will entail new opportunities for cargo owners, train operators, haulage firms, in fact the whole transport industry," says Marie Israelsson.

Increase train volumes through Sundsvall - a discussion at the fair
By moving the intermodal terminal to the port, the municipality hopes to raise the logistical efficiency. More cargo will be able to be linked to shipping, and Sundsvall Logistikpark will be a hub for shipping, rail and truck traffic.

An important aspect of Elmia Future Transport will therefore be to prompt a discussion to increase train volumes through Sundsvall.

"There are many companies and industrial manufacturers in Sundsvall that both export and import a lot, so there is tremendous potential for intermodal traffic to increase. Train operators ought to be interested in the project and start thinking of Sundsvall as a hub in their planning," says Israelsson.

Sundsvall Logistikpark will soon be procuring an operator for the intermodal terminal, and eventually also a main contractor for the construction. Train operators and construction companies are therefore two important visitor groups for Sundsvall Logistikpark, as well as cargo owners.

"Trade and industry in Sundsvall is not only about forestry and related sectors. There is also a lot of commerce in chemicals, metals and engineering. There are a great many companies in need of efficient, competitive transportation. Therefore we must build an infrastructure that can provide our trade and industry with good, sustainable transport opportunities," Marie Israelsson concludes.

Marie Israelsson
Marie Israelsson, head of marketing and communication for Sundsvall Logistikpark. Photo: Sundsvall Logistikpark