Elmia Nordic Road is right for us – NCC

This autumn sees the first ever Elmia Nordic Road – a brand new fair being held on 6-8 October alongside Elmia Future Transport and Elmia Nordic Rail.

"We believe it will be an exciting arena that’s perfectly aligned with our field of operations," says Daniel Tegin, Business Developer Sector Asphalt at NCC Roads.

Expansion is bringing the road sector – both new construction and maintenance of the existing network – increasingly into focus. NCC Roads has booked a stand, and at the fair in Jönköping there will be representatives from all parts of NCC Roads’ organisation. 

What do you think about bringing the road sector more into its own niche with Elmia Nordic Road?
"This is a great arena for us. Infrastructure is high up on the agenda, so being here is only natural for us." 

What do you hope to get out of the fair?
"We hope to be able to tell people about the benefits of the products we have to offer. Above all we want to promote our green alternatives. Because we work in a sector that affects the environment, we want to help reduce overall emissions of carbon dioxide, and we have a lot of solutions to offer in this area. We believe Elmia Nordic Road is an excellent forum for presenting all this."

Daniel Tegin mentions the low-energy asphalt, NCC Green Asphalt, as an example.

"It’s solid proof that you can manufacture asphalt of higher quality using less energy," he says, and goes on to explain:

"Thanks to the production process, asphalt can be manufactured at a considerably lower temperature. Also, the basic aggregate recipe includes more reused material, basically old asphalt which is ground up and added to the mix. This is yet another environmental gain."  

The Nordic region´s largest player
NCC Roads is the Nordic region’s largest player in the asphalt and aggregates industry. Its operations include the entire value chain, from stone materials and production of asphalt aggregates, to paving work and road maintenance.

Motalabron, photo: NCC Roads
Norrortsleden Stockholm
Norrortsleden in Stockholm, photo: NCC Roads