Future Transport History

Transportations are important. A well-functioning, cohesive and efficient infrastructure is essential. Moreover, the infrastructure is prerequisite for economic growth. Therefore, one can say Elmia Future Transport concerns society development.

In order to increase the attractiveness of a city or a region, well-functioning transports is a must. Consider the supply chain within the city center, the public transport, regional commuter, long-distance freight opportunities, out-and inbound distance, external trade, and children’s activities and so on. Transport is a permanent ingredient throughout life.

In order to improve future transportations and increase the economic growth, the representatives within the industry must interact. Through a macro perspective they will be able to understand a holistic picture and understand how the links in the chain will be able to interact with one and other.

This is how Elmia Future Transport was created. The ambition was to become a venue where the external flow of people and goods could be discussed and formed.