If you like to accomplish a lot at one time, Elmia Wood is the place to be.

Elmia Wood 2017

Here you can get updated on the latest innovations from all the major machinery manufacturers, expand and refresh your contact network, get inspired and discover masses of new ideas.

 Visitors at Elmia Wood 2013

People speak about Elmia Wood with respect in South America and Asia, North America and Europe. And they put their words into action.  Our exhibitors include all the major manufacturers and our visitors come from all parts of the world.

Ponsse Scorpion at Elmia Wood 2013

But forestry isn’t just about machinery, tools and methods. Advisers and experts show you how to improve your profitability as forest owners and workers. You can meet colleagues, competitors, manufacturers and customers from around the world.

Taker the opportunity to test the machines on site! At Elmia Wood 2013.

Elmia Wood is where you make new, interesting contacts and are reunited with many old friends and acquaintances. 

Mantis Spider - innovations at Elmia Wood 2013


We look forward to seeing you – in the heart of the south Swedish forest!


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